Strictly Ballroom Prints (price for each)


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The elegant black and white prints of established photographer Jeanette Jones’ work can bring a touch of elegance into any space. Either as a collection, or stand-alone individual piece, the delicacy of these portraits and their monochromatic scheme, meaning they can be integrated into any home.

Jeanette Jones is an accomplished dancer herself looking, for inspiration she decided to turn her attention to the world of ballroom dancing and her visits as a spectator to ballroom-dancing championships in Blackpool and the Royal Albert Hall, confirmed that she had found a wealth of material.

Each of the canvas prints in our collection is signed by Jones in the lower left-hand corner of each work. Our prints featured in a Harrods exhibition entitled ‘Strictly Ballroom’ in 2005, the Harrod tags are still visible on the front and backs of some of the canvases, showing their Harrod’s retail price as £299.95.

On her website, it states that; ‘her ballroom work represents a departure for Jones. Instead of coaxing and cajoling her models to pose, she snapped them as she found them, followed them to costume fittings and into changing-rooms, trespassed on to the dance floor as they went whirling by. An instinct for a split-second moment produces something poignant and peculiarly lovely – not just cliché images of confected glamour, but sweat and toil and emotion. The diminutive woman with the camera, with her deceptively unassuming manner, has got to the very core of this world, where much bigger, brasher, starrier photographers could never hope to do.’

30” x 20”