Limited Edition ”Pheasant in Woodland”


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Plate no. 04818 F

In the official limited edition of ‘Pheasant in Woodland’ by Archibald Thoburn (1870 – 1935) in the Thoburn’s beloved Game Birds collection which is produced on fine porcelain under the hallmark of Davenport in an edition strictly limited to a maximum of 12,500 complete sets and crafted to the exacting standards of The Bradford Exchange.


A small piece with a great impact, this delicate hand-painted plate emanates a feeling of elegance and sophistication, sure to bring a traditional British element to any space. The miniature features three birds set against a traditional woodland backdrop, the background is painted with muted tones; implying a cold wintery morning, in the foreground a pheasant is painted contrarily with vibrant colour – creating a stark contrast between its setting and equally between the two grouses. An interesting, ornamental piece that draws in the viewer.

Length: 22cm